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We care about the future

Acting sustainably is not a zeitgeist. It is a necessity for securing our future. As traditional hotels anchored in Zurich, we have been sustainable for years - for the benefit of our employees and our guests. We care for the environment, behave in a socially responsible manner towards all our stakeholders and manage our operations economically to secure jobs.

Every hotel is like a large household; the challenges are manifold and include reception and office (digital instead of paper), housekeeping (environmentally friendly cleaning agents, re-use of bath linen for several days, smart heating/cooling system, LED lighting fixtures), food and drinks (local purchasing, energy-saving appliances, reduction of food waste, smart recycling), etc.

All Zürich City Hotels participate in the sustainability program “Swisstainable” of Switzerland Tourism. In addition, every hotel is committed individually and according to its unique possibilities, including the following:

  • General energy supply, if possible, from Swiss hydropower
  • Heating and cooling
  • Lighting: LED lights and motion detectors for on/off control
  • Measures to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Water consumption
  • Cleaning agents
  • Food waste: processing of food from nose to tail and leaf to root
  • Food waste: Recycling (bio-gas or bio-diesel)
  • Food purchasing: focus on local and regional suppliers
  • Purchasing non-food: focus on energy-saving devices
  • Züri Wasser: proceeds to charitable institution
  • Digital reservation and booking systems
  • Press reader: paperless guest access to newspapers and magazines
  • Ensuring jobs and promoting employees within the scope of their individual needs and capabilities
  • Benefits and training programs for employees
  • Support of locally based social organizations (cash and in-kind donations plus general support)

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability on our websites.
We are proud of our individually managed, charming hotels in the heart of Zurich. Together we act upon our common believe and commitment that

many small measures lead to big impact.